Islamophobia the term which came into light during First World War and during   1990’s (which was also the time when Media revolution was started) and term got much popularity after 9/11 attack.

According to Cambridge dictionary Islamophobia means“unreasonable dislike or fear of, and prejudice against, Muslims or Islam” .[1]

How did this dislike and fear of Islam started and who gets benefit from it?

According to the Center for Race & Gender at the University of California, Berkeley, the term emerged in 1991 in a report that defined it as “unfounded hostility towards Muslims and therefore fear or dislike of all or most Muslims.”[2].

The usage of [the term] ‘Islamophobia’ in the U.S. increased after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but became more common during the 2008 elections and currently Donald Trump,Republican Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election is using same word for winning election. So from this what we can understand is creator and one of benefiter for word Islamophobia is Politicians.

Main financier/fund raiser r for propagating this word is Capitalist. Capitalist surprised yes they are the main villain of this game.You may be thinking HOW? well that are root cause of every thing happening in the world,Whether  it is poverty,war,racism etc.

How do capitalist get benefit?

Capitalist looks on making profit and they will destroy what ever comes on there way.Capitalist main profit making area is condemned by Islam and due to this many are getting attracted to Islam. Main profit making area are Interest on Loan/Usury ,Alcohol, sex,weapon business,Gambling. Islam is totally against these area that’s how their  crooked head worked for defaming Islam using there own weapon Media.

Many people including Muslims are not getting chance to read about religion properly due to this defaming propaganda of Media.

Colonialism,Child of Capitalism during World War I played an important role in defaming Muslims and It lead to 1300 years of Khalifa ruling  to End.Sea route to Czars Russia and  Railway line to Germany,France which will help Britain  to Transfer goods they looted from India  will have to passing easily through Middle East which was then  ruled by Ottoman during that period ,This was main factor which lead to WWI.

[For Further reading kindly refer Sykes Picot Secret Agreement,Balfour declaration etc which will help you to find crooked thinking of Capitalist.]

Islam opposes Interest on Loan or Usury which had helped Capitalist to earn a good Profit. For earning profit  it is necessary to create Need for that they have to create more Poors ( interest on Loan made countries of Africa Poor even though they are rich with natural resources). Meanwhile Islam’s main aim is to irradicate  poverty is though Alms(Zakat).

Alcohol which destroys society and family,social well being of human is condemned by Islam and it is Haram or Forbidden for a Muslim to use Alcohols.

Sex another profitable business is also condemned by Islam.The Sex revolution created by Playboy magazine during 1970’s made much increasing turnover in business which lead to Pornography,Nudism in Movies etc. Interesting fact is that These guys tells it’s freedom of women.Mean while Islam tells to maintain proper dress code for women and according to capitalist it’s oppression of women. Freedom of women should be in Education, Government,Family life not in freedom to remove her cloths in front of public.

Islam is against weapons and armory business meanwhile this is biggest profitable business for Capitalists(most countries 10% of GDP are spend on armory). In order to get profit need for war is necessary and history shows that they have created it (further reading refer WWI,WW II,Vietnam war,Cold war, Indo-Pak war etc).

Last reason is fuel for survival of Capitalist -Crude oil majority of resource are in Arab countries.Multi national giants also known as “Seven Sister “where market leader once  in this  field and they decided pricing of oil globally.By formation of OPEC in which majority are Arab countries Seven Sisters  lost their hand in Oil control. Eventually they created wars and political crisis in these countries.That’s why we can find many political issues emerging in Middle East nowadays and that’s how  Islamophobia began during 1960’s.[ for further reading America’s Iraq war, Camp Buca,Mosul oil field,The Secret of the Seven Sisters -Al Jazeera Documentary(3)]

The main weapon used for propagating hatred of Muslim is Media which conveys False news which Islam oppresses.So my dear brothers and sisters it’s better to learn about Islam from valid source(especially Quran & Ha-deed).






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